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The RealStar® PCR reagents are designed to amplify and detect pathogen specific DNA or RNA by real-time PCR. The RealStar® GPR product contains general purpose reagents as a master for amplification of DNA by PCR.

All RealStar® PCR reagents are designed for quantification/qualititative detection and/or differentiation of pathogen-specific RNA/DNA in human matrix/matrices. A heterologous amplification system (Internal Control) is included to identify possible PCR inhibition. Please note the regulatory status of our three different product groups (CE/RUO/ASR). RealStar® general purpose reagents for PCR

The RealStar® GPR PCR Master 1.0 is a general-purpose reagent for in vitro amplification and detection of target DNA by PCR. It must be combined with appropriate analyte specific reagents (ASR) or other other general-purpose reagents to generate a finished in vitro diagnostic test. This product is only available in the USA.

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