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The FlexStar® products are combinable ready-to-use PCR assays for quick and syndrome-driven parallel detection of different pathogens. The assays can be used with the common real-time PCR cyclers as well as with the automated AltoStar® Workflow.

The FlexStar® real-time PCR reagents contain primers and probes to perform the reliable detection of specific pathogens. The shared assay protocol enables a very quick PCR. Different assay configurations are available.

The FlexStar® (RT-)PCR Amplification Mix 1.5 is a universal reagent to be combined with the Detection Mixes. The enzyme mix for real-time PCR has been especially developed for use with the different FlexStar® Detection Mixes targeting different pathogens. FlexStar® product concept

The new FlexStar® product line offers quick and flexible ready-to-use PCR solutions by means of syndrome-driven parallel detection of different pathogens. Use one single Amplification Mix and combine it with our Detection Mixes. Developed for the automated AltoStar® Workflow and manual applications.