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Home / Launch of the FlexStar® CT & NG PCR Detection Mix 1.5 (RUO)

Launch of the FlexStar® CT & NG PCR Detection Mix 1.5 (RUO)

altona has recently launched the FlexStar® CT & NG PCR Detection Mix 1.5 (RUO), our first product of the STI (sexually transmitted infection) panel.


Combined with the FlexStar® (RT-) PCR Amplification Mix 1.5, pathogen-specific DNA from Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae (the causative agent of gonorrhea) can be detected and distinguished.

Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae show similar symptoms of mucosal infection in the genitourinary tract. There they cause local complications but can also lead to ascending infections. Co-infection is relatively common, and differentiation is important to ensure optimal treatment.


The FlexStar® product line comprises combinable, ready-to-use PCR assays for the rapid and parallel investigation of pathogens causing similar symptoms. The PCR design is optimized for fast processing, in that way you can obtain up to 96 reactions per real-time PCR cycler in just 1h.


While the FlexStar® (RT-)PCR Amplification Mix 1.5 is an enzyme mix for real-time PCR based detection of pathogen specific nucleic acids, the different FlexStar® (RT-)PCR Detection Mixes contain all assay specific components (primers and probes for specific target detection), as well as a Positive Control (PC) and a No Template Control (NTC). The FlexStar® (RT-)PCR Detection Mixes are developed for use with the AltoStar® Internal Control.


Complementing the two CE-IVD-labeled FlexStar® detection mixes and the six RUO FlexStar® detection mixes already available, FlexStar® CT & NG PCR Detection Mix 1.5 (RUO) establishes the new STI panel of the FlexStar® product line.

CE-IVD versions of the FlexStar® CT & NG PCR Detection Mix 1.5 and further FlexStar® detection mixes from different panels will be launched in the future.


Find out more about the the FlexStar® CT & NG PCR Detection Mix 1.5 (RUO).