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Home / altona Diagnostics announces integration of Velsera’s automated analysis solution into the AltoStar® Molecular Diagnostics Workflow

altona Diagnostics announces integration of Velsera’s automated analysis solution into the AltoStar® Molecular Diagnostics Workflow

altona Diagnostics, a leading medical diagnostic company specializing in PCR-based solutions for infectious disease, has announced a partnership with Velsera to customize and incorporate Velsera’s AI-based software platform into the AltoStar® Workflow. The integrated solution utilizes Velsera’s FastFinder Analysis, with the resulting solution for automated real-time PCR infectious disease testing set to be available to users of the AltoStar® Workflow in the second half of 2023.


FastFinder Analysis, initially developed by UgenTec and acquired by Velsera earlier this year, is the market leader in AI-based PCR result interpretation. Laboratories worldwide depend on FastFinder Analysis for routine testing. With the introduction of a customized version, dubbed FastFinder Standalone, AltoStar® users will be able to make use of the AI-based result calling functions within the AltoStar® Molecular Diagnostic Workflow for analysis and interpretation.


The software platform, combined with PCR assay-specific plugins, provides automated result interpretation and validity checks for PCR runs generated with altona’s AltoStar® Workflow. This enhanced functionality will improve the user experience for AltoStar® users by reducing the number of operator interactions necessary for PCR analysis and minimizing the risk of human error.


“We are excited to offer our customers an easier and more efficient way to analyze PCR results generated with the AltoStar®,” said Dr. Ulrich Spengler, General Manager of altona Diagnostics. “The integration of FastFinder Standalone into our workflow will help our customers obtain accurate results quickly, enabling them to make better decisions and improve patient care.”


“Incorporating Velsera’s custom AI-based result calling technology into altona’s platform will offer AltoStar® users increased accuracy, efficiency, and speed,” said Lindsay Mateo, Chief Commercial Officer at Velsera. “These factors are crucial for fulfilling the promise of precision medicine, and our collaboration with altona Diagnostics is a strong step forward for customers that will ultimately benefit patients.”


About altona

altona Diagnostics is a medical diagnostic company that develops and manufactures in vitro diagnostic tests for the nucleic acid-based detection of pathogens such as viruses, bacteria or parasites. Headquartered in Hamburg-Altona, Germany, altona Diagnostics is privately owned and employs more than 350 people worldwide. The company has been in the molecular diagnostics business for over 20 years and is ISO 13485 certified. altona Diagnostics sells its registered products to medical laboratories globally through subsidiaries and more than 40 distribution partners.


Molecular diagnostic tests from altona Diagnostics are based on real-time PCR technology. altona Diagnostics offers the AltoStar® Molecular Diagnostic Workflow, an automated solution that is complete with instrumentation, reagents, consumables and software. Furthermore, the company’s product catalog contains over 50 CE marked kits that are also compatible with open real-time PCR platforms.


About Velsera

Velsera is the precision engine company. Launched in January 2023, we connect healthcare and life sciences to reveal the true promise of precision medicine – a continuous flow of knowledge among researchers, scientists, and clinicians around the world, creating insights that radically improve human health. For more information, visit


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Release date: 2023-04-14

Release date: 2023-05-12