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ExtraStar® concept

The ExtraStar® Purification kit, a complete set of reagents for sample purification in proven altona Diagnostics quality, is specifically designed for use with the KingFisher™ Flex Purification System (ThermoFisher Scientific). The result is fast and reliable sample preparation. On the other hand, eluates are generated which are ideally prepared for downstream application with specified altona Diagnostics real-time PCR test kits and reagents.

Principle of method

Magnetic particle technology refers to a method of isolating and purifying nucleic acids (DNA or RNA) from a biological sample, such as a human respiratory swab specimen, using tiny magnetic beads. These beads are coated with specific molecules that will bind to the nucleic acids of interest. When the beads are placed in a magnetic field, the beads with the bound nucleic acids will be pulled to the side of the container and can be collected for further analysis.

The ExtraStar® Purification Kit 2.0 is based on magnetic bead technology, utilizing silica-coated magnetic particles which can bind and release nucleic acids under specific conditions.


The purification procedure comprises 3 automated steps on the KingFisher™ Flex Purification System (ThermoFisher Scientific).

Sample lysis and DNA/RNA binding

1. In the first step nucleic acids are released by chemical and mechanical lysis under chaotropic high salt conditions. The conditions stabilize the nucleic acids in solution and enable their binding to the magnetic silica beads.


2. In the following washing steps different wash buffers are used to remove proteins and other impurities.


3. Finally the nucleic acids are released from the magnetic beads with an elution buffer. The magnetic beads are removed with the magnetic rod.