AltoStar® Connect software


The AltoStar® Connect software is used to operate the AltoStar® Automation System AM16. The user of the AltoStar® Connect software must be trained to operate the AltoStar® Connect software together with the AltoStar® AM16 instrument and the reagents, which are provided by altona Diagnostics GmbH for use with the AltoStar® system.

Key features

  • Time-saving state-of-the-art application software
  • Loading dialogue guides through each loading step to ensure completeness of setup procedure
  • Can be connected to one or several real-time PCR instruments
  • Automatic programming of connected real-time PCR instruments
  • Bidirectional LIMS interface / lab integration
  • Import of sample information and worklist
  • Export of results data
  • Data import via barcode reader or via LIMS
  • Predefined purification protocols
  • Automated selection of controls and standards

AltoStar® Connect software

Order No.Part of Order No.: AM16, altona Diagnostics
DeliveryAltoStar® Connect software comes preinstalled on a computer provided by altona Diagnostics GmbH
Process safetyOnly the AltoStar® Connect software may be used to control the AltoStar® AM16

AltoStar® Connect software

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• Input samples and PCR assays assignements or import all information from LIMS – Create run
• Preparation / pretreatment of samples —> Start purification – Load reagents and samples
• Sample purification results – Purification run results are saved in the AltoStar® Connect SW
• Unload reagents and samples after purification

AltoStar® Connect software

Declaration of Conformity AltoStar® Connect software

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Regulatory status: CE-IVD