Meike Thiel
Head of Corporate Communications & Technical Writing

  • After biology doctoral thesis, worked as a specialist journalist and honorary employee at a vocational school
  • Has been driving altona Marketing since 2012
  • Responsible for 10 employees in two units
  • In 2022, the best female darts player at altona

My professional path


I studied biology in Hamburg. I completed my diploma and doctoral theses and a year of post-doctoral work at the Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine. As a mother of two, I then decided against a university career and worked first as a specialist journalist and then as a freelance teacher at the Hamburg School of Life Science.


Finally, via a friend who worked at altona Diagnostics, I started at the altona Marketing department – initially as a freelancer, and since 2013 as a permanent employee.


My tasks as Head of Corporate Communications & Technical Writing


I have staff responsibility for 10 employees. Building and leading teams and deploying employees according to their strengths is something I really enjoy.


“Working independently is expressly desired at altona”.

The technical writers create our instructions for use and manage the translations. In addition, there are regular changes to the instructions for use and the unit creates Safety Data Sheets that provide information about hazardous substances in our products.


The focus of the Corporate Communications team is external communication with a marketing mix to promote sales. Brochures, product lists, the altona website, LinkedIn and trade fair appearances are central pillars. Across the board, the unit works on the corporate identity and positioning of altona Diagnostics.


My professional highlights


From 2014 to 2019, in parallel to the growth of the company, I built up the marketing department as head, expanded it from 3 to 15 employees and established a specialization in three units.


In the daily work, the further development of our corporate identity and the communicative support of our worldwide subsidiaries are two particularly exciting tasks.


That’s why I like working at altona


Working independently is expressly desired at altona. This applies to me in both directions: I convey it to my employees and at the same time experience it in exchange with managing directors and department heads.


I am also enthusiastic about the high level of professionalism of the altona employees. altona feels like a huge think tank to me.


And that’s also possible


With 5 buildings in Hamburg, 8 subsidiaries and 350 employees worldwide, the altona festivals are a great way to get to know each other and have a good time together.


For me personally, taking part in the altona Darts Tournament 2022 was a complete success: 4 wins, last woman in the competition and only eliminated against the eventual winner. The most important thing was of course: all players had a lot of fun.