Parallel pathogen testing with RealStar® Kits


The central advantage of these RealStar® PCR Kits is the simultaneous testing of pathogens of multiple infectious agents in highly standardized platforms. This method is helpful for screening one sample by harmonized cycling conditions for a range of possible pathogens quickly and in parallel. It essentially allows several tests for both, DNA and RNA pathogen targets.

Key Features

  • Same sample type and preparation
  • Same assay set up
  • Harmonized cycling conditions to allow parallel analysis
  • Identical Internal Control to allow analysis from a single extraction

Parallel pathogen testing on 96 well plate

  • One answer out of one analysis run
  • Flexible and reliable testing - verified for the same PCR cyclers
  • Quantitative analysis possible
  • Product adaptation always possible
  • No legal or reimbursement limitations