altona Diagnostics GmbH recently added a real-time RT-PCR based assay for identification of the five Ebolavirus species and Marburgvirus to their product portfolio.

Together with their already existing RealStar® Filovirus Screen RT-PCR Kit for first-line analysis, which is currently used in the epidemic epicenter in West-Africa by the European Mobile Laboratory, altona Diagnostics offers a comprehen- sive assay family for the detection and characterization of filovirus RNA from human sample material.

While the Filovirus Screen RT-PCR Kit detects all 5 Ebolavirus species without differentiation as well as Marburgvirus, the typing kit is meant to be used as a second-line assay for confirmation of positive results and to distinguish between the five Ebolavirus species as well as Marburgvirus.

“For us, in the current situation during this epidemic outbreak, it´s more relevant that we were able to come up with a ready to use first-line test kit for filoviruses , which is now used in Guinea and Nigeria to identify infected patients and which is stocked by several European reference institutions under their preparedness plans”, says Dr. Markus Heß, Chief Scientific Officer of altona Diagnostics, “The characterization of a positive sample by using the RealStar® Filovirus Type RT-PCR Kit for Ebola- and Marburgvirus is more of epidemiological and scientific importance.“

The ready to use real-time PCR kits for screening and typing of filoviruses are available as Research Use Only reagents currently. The IVD CE marked version of the RealStar® Filovirus Screen RT-PCR Kit will be available in September 2014.

about altona Diagnostics GmbH

altona Diagnostics, founded 2007 in Hamburg, Germany, is focused on the development, approval, manufacturing, and marketing of molecular diagnostic test systems for the detection and quantification of pathogens. Altona is a fully integrated diagnostic company. The founders and staff of altona Diagnostics have a broad experience in molecular diagnostics and corresponding technologies. In addition to other activities, they were among the first to make reliable molecular diagnostic kit systems commercially available during outbreak situations for SARS, avian Flu, swine Flu and EHEC. altona Diagnostics is ISO 13485 certified.

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