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Emerging and tropical infectious diseases are becoming an increasingly important issue, not only in tropic and sub-tropic regions, but also in temperate zones.

The clinical symptoms of many tropical infectious diseases are often unspecific and alike. Therefore, the RealStar® Emerging and Tropical Disease Testing Panel facilitates the differential detection of tropical viruses, parasites and emerging pathogens. Additional kits are developed for species differentiation or typing. Read more.



We will be present at the following trade fairs and invite you to come and see us at our booths.


The following product is available as CE IVD:

RealStar® Lassa Virus RT-PCR Kit 2.0 (Ref: 642013) for the detection of Lassa virus specific RNA.







On March 28, 2019, Altona Diagnostics India officially inaugurated the new offices in New Delhi. Read more



The following product is available as CE IVD:

RealStar® Clostridium difficile PCR Kit 2.0 (Ref: 172013) for the detection and differentiation of Clostridium difficile toxin A and toxin B specific DNA.


The following product is available as RUO:

RealStar® WNV RT-PCR Kit 2.0 (Ref: 322003) for the detection of West Nile virus specific RNA.