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Announcing of ESCV altona® Competition winners.

During the days of the ESCV fair in Copenhagen 2019 our altona® competition has taken place. Congratulations on winning: we are happy to announcing the winners and we hope they enjoy their prizes. Read more



Have a look at our current Product Lists RealStar®  Real-Time PCR Kits / Product Lists AltoStar®  Real-Time PCR Kits and discover  several  new developed CE-IVD marked and /or RUO products.

RealStar® CE list: New product on the CE list is the RealStar® EBV PCR Kit 2.0. You also find some updates of existing RealStar®  Real-Time PCR Kits.

RealStar® RUO list: New product is the RealStar® AHFV / KFDV RT-PCR Kit 1.0 RUO (launch is planned for Q4/2019) and updated RealStar® Clostridium difficile PCR Kit 2.0 RUO.

AltoStar® Product line: New products are the AltoStar® Work table and the AltoStar® HCV RT-PCR Kit 1.5




We would like to invite you to join us at the following trade fairs and events.


Meet you there?


Three special posters will be presented at 22nd European Society for Clinical Virology's Annual Meeting, ESCV 2019, 10–14 September 2019 in Copenhagen.

Visit the Poster Session 1 on Thursday 12. September 06:30-08:30 pm and the Poster Session 2 on Friday 13 September 5:00-6:00 pm.  Read more




altona Diagnostics GmbH heartily invite you as our guests for Snack Time on our booth 19: Thursday 12.00. During the days of the ESCV fair you can enter our competition and with a bit of luck win one of the tech-accessories prizes.