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Poster presentation RealStar® Malaria Screen & Type PCR Kit at IMED 2018

Validation of a new real-time PCR based kit for detection and typing of 5 human pathogenic Plasmodium species will be presented at the Seventh International Meeting on Emerging Diseases and Surveillance (IMED), 9–12 November 2018 in Vienna, Austria.



Poster presentation RealStar® Yellow Fever Virus RT-PCR Kit 1.0 at ASTMH

New poster Evaluation of RealStar® Yellow Fever Virus RT-PCR Kit 1.0 will be presented at the 67th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (ASTMH) in New Orleans - USA.


Exhibition Tour altona Diagnostics November 2018


You may visit us at the following exhibitions to form your own impression of our range of products.



Poster presentation RealStar® Influenza Screen&Type RT-PCR Kit 4.0 at DGKL/ Mannhein


New poster Evaluation of RealStar® Influenza Screen&Type RT-PCR Kit 4.0 was presented at the 15. Fachtagung der DGKL, Mannhein, 26.-29. September 2018


Exhibition Tour altona Diagnostics October 2018


Come and visit us and get to know the people and philosophy behind the company. We look forward to seeing you there.