Available now: new FlexStar® LDT (RT-)PCR Detection Mix 1.5 (RUO)

The FlexStar® LDT (RT-)PCR Detection Mix 1.5 (RUO) is out now. This detection mix is designed for the real-time PCR based amplification and detection of nucleic acids. Specific primer and probes for amplification and detection of different pathogen combinations (three channels) can be added as needed to create a lab developed test (LDT). This way, you can use your LDT with the AltoStar® Molecular Diagnostic Workflow.


The FlexStar® products are combinable ready-to-use PCR assays for quick and parallel testing of pathogens causing similar symptoms. Thanks to the universal product design of the FlexStar® LDT (RT-)PCR Detection Mix 1.5, it can be transformed into a fully customized detection mix by adding user-designed primers and probes. The product is sufficient to set up 96 reactions and the PCR temperature profile allows the completion of a PCR run in just one hour.


In addition to the two CE-IVD marked FlexStar® detection mixes and six RUO FlexStar® detection mixes already available, the FlexStar® product line is now complemented by the FlexStar® LDT (RT-)PCR Detection Mix 1.5 as a flexible solution for detection mixes for your specific needs.


CE-IVD versions of the FlexStar® LDT (RT-)PCR Detection Mix 1.5 and more FlexStar® detection mixes from various panels are to be launched in the future.


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