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Concept of the FlexStar® product line


Thanks to the modular product design the general Amplification (RT-)PCR Mix can be used with any FlexStar® (RT-)PCR Detection Mix. All FlexStar® (RT-)PCR Detection Mixes are processed with only one protocol which allows the flexible combination of different (RT-)PCR Detection Mixes according to user needs.



Key Features

  • Rapid and accurate identification of pathogens
  • Optimized PCR design for fast cycling
  • Less Time – more results: up to 96 PCR results per real-time PCR cycler in just 1 h
  • High performance – high sensitivity
  • One Amplification Mix to combine with different Detection Mixes
  • For use with the automated AltoStar® AM16 Workflow and manual applications
  • Compatible with common real-time PCR cyclers

Components for FlexStar® applications


One universal (RT-)PCR Amplification Mix to combine with different (RT-)PCR Detection Mixes targeting different pathogens, and the AltoStar® Internal Control.



FlexStar® (RT-)PCR Detection Mixes 1.5


The FlexStar® (RT-)PCR Detection Mixes contain all assay specific components (primers and probes for specific detection of pathogen targets), as well as a Positive Control (PC) and a No Template Control (NTC). The FlexStar® (RT-)PCR Detection Mixes are developed for use with the FlexStar® (RT-)PCR Amplification Mix and the AltoStar® Internal Control.

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FlexStar® (RT-)PCR Amplification Mix 1.5


The FlexStar® (RT-)PCR Amplification Mix 1.5 is an enzyme mix for real-time PCR based detection of pathogen specific nucleic acids. The universal reagent has been developed for use with any FlexStar® (RT-)PCR Detection Mix.

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AltoStar® Internal Control 1.5


The AltoStar® Internal Control 1.5 is intended to be used as a nucleic acid purification, amplification and detection control for in vitro diagnostic purposes.

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