Kit Components of RealStar® PCR Kits (RUO/CE)


All RealStar® PCR Kits are ready to use real-time PCR systems which consist of master reagents containing enzyme, buffer, primer and probes as well as an internal control, a positive control or quantification standards and PCR grade water.



Key Features

  • Complete, ready to use real-time PCR reagents systems and kits
  • Available for most common real-time PCR instruments
  • Validated with a number of extraction systems

Master reagents


Master A and Master B contain all components (PCR buffer, DNA polymerase, magnesium salt, primers and probes) to allow PCR mediated amplification and detection of pathogen specific DNA/RNA and Internal Control in one reaction setup.


  • Single pipetting step
  • 12 rxn per tube

Master A plus Master B = PCR Master Mix

Internal Control


All RealStar® PCR Kits (CE) and all RealStar® reagent systems (RUO) contain a heterologous Internal Control (IC), which can either be used as a PCR inhibition control or as a control of the sample preparation procedure (nucleic acid extraction) and as a PCR inhibition control.

  • Non-related (randomized) sequence
  • Amplification with specific primer
  • Detection with specific probes
  • Non-competitive amplification – analytical target with highest sensitivity
  • High positive samples may lead to a reduction (low fluorescence) of Internal Control signal
IC into Master Mix

If the IC is used as a PCR inhibition control, but not as a control for the sample preparation procedure, set up the Master Mix according to the following pipetting scheme:

Quantification standards


The Quantification Standards contain standardized concentrations of specific DNA/RNA and can be used individually as positive controls, or together to generate a Standard curve, which can be used to determine the concentration of specific DNA/RNA in a sample.

  • External standards
  • Generation of standard curve
  • Copies/ml or IU/ml
  • Purified RNA/DNA
  • Calculation of original viral load in sample (ml)